Information about Cookies

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Information about Cookies

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Information about Cookies


Here you can find information about what Cookies are and how they are used on our web pages.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer every time you visit a web page that uses cookies. The cookie consists of a small amount of data in the form of a text file with information about what you do when you visit the page. The information about what you have done during your previous visits are sent by the web server to your web browser and can be collected from there in order to improve your experience when browsing the site.

Can I say no to cookies?

Cookies are not harmful and they don’t take up much space, but if you for some reason wouldn’t like to receive cookies you can turn that function off in the security settings on your web browser. You can also erase any cookies that have previously been downloaded.
But… If you say no to cookies then your user experience when browsing our web pages can be impaired and all functionalities might not work the way they were planned to if cookies were allowed.

What types of cookies are there?

There are two types of cookies. One type that saves a file for a longer period of time on your computer and are used to tell you as a visitor what’s new on the page since you last visited it. When the expiration date passes the cookie is automatically removed once you return to the web page that created it. The other type of cookie is called “session cookies” and are stored temporarily in the memory of your computer to for example keep track of what language you have selected. Session cookies are erased once the web browser is closed.
You also separate between first party cookies and third party cookies. A first party cookie is put by the domain owner of a web page and a third party cookies is placed by a party that does not own the web page.

Below you can see a list of the cookies we use on our pages:

Cookie Domain Description Retention

Data stored: hash string

We use this cookie to determine if current auth token is still active or if we should refresh it.

Expired by default upon log out

Data stored: boolean (true | false)

We use this cookie to show/hide info bar about scheduled maintenance

Expired by default
_ga Data stored: hash string

Third party cookie (Google Analytics)

We use this cookie for user analytics tracking

2 years
intercom-lou-qje3m76n Data stored: number

Third party cookie (Intercom)

We use this cookie for user chat

1 year
intercom-session-qje3m76n Data stored: hash string

Third party cookie (Intercom)

We use this cookie for user chat, sessions

1 week
mp_6425bd315454e3fdb0cd131a36b72f95_mixpanel Data stored: hash string

Third party cookie (Mixpanel)

We use this cookie for user analytics tracking

1 year
mp_aedf060bce27fc35d9629e6409cdb1b6_mixpanel Data stored: hash string

Third party cookie (Mixpanel)

We use this cookie for user analytics tracking

1 year


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