Terms & Conditions

The following information is compiled from the General Terms and Conditions that are signed when subscribing for a company account. For more information, contact the account owner within your company or project leader if another company manages the project, alternatively contact support@buildsafe.se.

 1. Management of Data

  1. Rights to Content. All Contents remain as the Customer’s property. However, BuildSafe owns the right to use Content from the Customer to improve, develop and transform the Service, to compile statistics and other sales information and for the supply of Analysis Services
  2. Permits and Consent. The Customer further undertakes to obtain all necessary permits and eventual consents for the processing of personal data in accordance with these Terms and Conditions prior to that Content is transmitted via the Service.
  3. Registration of Users. The Customer is responsible to register the Users that via the Customer shall be permitted to use the Service. The Customer is responsible towards BuildSafe for all of the Customer’s registered Users in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.If the Customer, and the Customer’s registered Users, wants to use the Service, the Customer must provide certain information to BuildSafe about the Users and representatives of the Customer, such as full name, email address, contact information, etc. BuildSafe will treat this personal information with the purpose to administer and fulfill its obligations within the frame of the Service and to ensure that no unauthorized persons get access to the Service. It is the responsibility of the Customer to obtain consent from these persons and to ensure that the consents comprehend the measures BuildSafe needs in order to process, store and retrieve personal information and information through the use of “cookies” or other.

 2. Support and Maintenance

Support Support is provided to the Customer’s specified staff. Support is provided via:

  • e-mail: support@buildsafe.se
  • Support chat on BuildSafe’s web application
  • Phone or Skype: contact information is provided on www.buildsafe.se

 Support is only provided to personnel specified by the Customer as customer Support registered Users.