Increase safety and efficiency in your projects

Increase project efficiency with user-friendly and smart functionality

User-friendly app for reporting on site

Powerful web platform for overview and follow-up from the office


Overview and trends

Instantly overview all your projects. Dashboards and metrics help you identify negative trends and prioritise your work.

Smooth project administration

Manage all projects. Add new people, update checklists and follow-up on reported incidents with ease.

Total traceability

All your information securely stored in one place. Easy to look back and investigate cause and effect.

Invite the whole project and allocate roles

Invite the whole project and allocate roles

Unite the project organisation

Invite everyone in the project and allocate user roles. User roles define what you can see and do.


Need to change a users role? Easy. Just drag-and-drop and the role is updated instantly.

Right information to the right person

Enable smooth compliance. User roles make sure everyone receives the information they need.

Statistics for your projects

Average time to resolve

Measure the average time it takes for deviations to be resolved. Set goals and evaluate how this metric changes over time.

Deviations solved on time

Overview the share of deviations that are resolved within the set deadline. Make sure the project is on the right track.

Frequent risk areas

Identify the most common risk areas in your project. Implement appropriate actions to mitigate those risks.

Statistics for your projects

Standardise processes and enable knowledge transfer between projects

The control panel – the hub for your company’s deviation management


Manage checklists for all projects

Ensure that all projects have the right tools to succeed. Update and add new templates and checklists with ease.


Standardise information gathering

Categorise collected data. Define tagging categories for all reported observations, incidents and accidents.


Control notification settings for all users

Decide what information different users will receive and how they receive it. Ensure an efficient flow of information throughout the whole company.

Statistics for your company

BuildSafe company stats

Compare projects

Compare and evaluate how different projects are performing. Allocate resources to where they are needed the most.

Ensure compliance

Ensure that your routines are followed across all projects. Check if inspections are conducted and that risks are reported and followed up.

Evaluate sub-contractors

Enable performance based sub-contractor evaluation. Measure and follow up lead times and risk levels for each company.

Full company implementation

On-boarding and education

Ensure a smooth implementation for all users. We onboard and educate users both on site and at the office.

Continuous evaluation

During set-up we set goals and expected results together. We then continuously evaluate usage to help you achieve your expected results.

Dedicated point of contact

Our customer success team is at your service so that you get the most out of using BuildSafe.

The fastest customer support in construction

Because our customers do not have time to wait.

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