Working for safe construction projects

Construction projects are complex places. Several companies need to collaborate under time pressure in a limited area that is constantly changing. These conditions create reoccurring risks that often lead to accidents or stop production.

The best way to minimise risk is to involve the whole project and ensure that the right person gets the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, doing this fully is often so time-consuming that it’s practically impossible. That’s why we created BuildSafe – a project platform that both saves time and mitigates risks in projects.

The idea behind BuildSafe came from many years experience in the construction industry and the product has been developed in close connection with contractors, sub-contractors and developers. Today, BuildSafe is growing fast and we are constantly working to perfect both output and user-experience. We are dedicated to creating safer construction projects!

We would love to get in touch and discuss your specific projects.



Swedbank, Teknikföretagen


Winner, July 2017

City of Stockholm

Acceleration Scholarship

Winner, December 2016

Venture Cup

Country Finale

Winner, June 2016


Startup Star

Winner, March 2016

City of Solna

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Winner, December 2015

Team BuildSafe

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Anna ListopadovaiOS Developer
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Aleks PajicSales
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Alexandra MukhametdinovaEngineering
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Carl EdlundCustomer Success
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Danil BabichQA Engineer
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Deniss KaravajevProduct
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Dmitry MishinAndroid Developer
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Dmitry TskuaFull-stack Developer
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Eric EdlundCustomer Success
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Erik EdmanSales
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Eugeny IvanovDevOps
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Leo SydowMarketing
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Matteo SciaccaSales
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Nikita EpshteynFull-stack Developer
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Peter UlanderFinance
 Rustam Galiullin
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Viktor BrobergCEO
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Viktoria BabaevaQA Engineer
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Vlada BeliaevaAccounting
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Vladimir SamsonovEngineering
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Yana MininaFull-stack Developer