News: Role based and action-oriented start screen for all

Efficiency and value creating activities are keys in the modern construction industry no matter what role you have. In addition to this, safety should always be a focal point and the involvement of the entire project organisation is important to capture and raise more risks. These perspectives serve as the foundation for our latest release – role based start screens for better visualisation and simplicity. 
In a BuildSafe project there are five roles – project admin, inspector, responsible person, viewer and reporter. The roles ensure that information reaches the right people as well as define what each person can see and do, something that is extra evident in the update. In the lastest version of the mobile app the users will be met by a completely new, customised start screen based on their roles. 
The role based start screen will help drive the right behaviours out on site and makes it easier for each role to get a clear overview. The users can quickly understand what needs to be prioritised and in this way focus and take action on the right things. The start screen summarises the tasks assigned to the user and is designed in a way to drive the user to resolve deviations, conduct inspections or act on reported observationer or incidents. 
To make it even easier for users to report we have also added the reporting feature to the start screen. By the simple tap of a button, an observation or incident report can be started in the new view, which lowers the threshold for reporting, makes it simpler for new users to get started and hopefully also results in more risks being captured.  
We hope that the update help you create safer and more efficient sites! 

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