News: Extended inspections module for increased use cases

One of our focus areas for development in 2020 is to bring more value within existing functionality, therefore we’re thrilled to introduce an extension of our inspections module. With the update, users are given more flexibility to conduct different inspection types than before – thus laying the foundation for even safer and more efficient construction sites.

A big part of the update is that users are now able to add proof when marking items as approved. Users can add both images and a description to easily document and provide support for the approved item.

Further – it will now be possible to add multiple responses to the same item in the checklist – meaning that items can have both deviations and be checked with proof (e.g. showing an approved safety fence in one place and a non-approved one in another). For each item, the user can get an easy overview and detailed list of the answers given.

The update also introduces an additional version of the inspections report as a complement to the already existing version. While the first report supports the follow-up on systematical controls with deviations, the new one gives an easy overview to be used when following up on documentation and compliance.

The new functionality of the inspections module makes it possible to conduct more targeted inspections, e.g. scaffold inspections, where it is important to approve and document. Another great use-case are inspections requiring follow up of compliance and clear documentation with both image and description, such as LEED and BREEAM.

We hope that the update of the inspections module will help you conduct more types of inspections – ultimately giving you safer and more efficient construction sites!

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