New release: Investigations

The possibility to investigate near-misses and accidents in BuildSafe has been at the top of our users’ wish lists for some time. Therefore we are pleased to finally connect the dots between reporting and investigating with our new Investigations feature launch.

BuildSafe wants to make it as easy as possible for the entire project organisation to report observations and incidents on site. By doing so, the overall reporting increases and the project gets the information and insights that they need to keep building both safely and efficiently.

In order to get the full picture – it is equally important that all reported incidents are followed up with thorough investigations. This work will lay the foundation for implementing risk mitigating actions that systematically improve safety on site.

BuildSafe’s new feature for investigations now makes it possible to conduct the entire process from reporting, assigning actions to completing full investigations seamlessly on the same platform.

Due to that many companies already have preferred templates, we have made the Investigations feature customisable. Users themselves decide which templates are used and available. This opens up the possibility to use proven investigations methods such as “5 Why”.

The feature is designed to guide users correctly to different templates and work flows depending on the type of incident and who was affected, thereby facilitating compliance. This in turn enables you to ensure that your templates are being used correctly.

We hope that our new Investigations feature will make it easier to investigate the near-misses and accidents that are reported in the projects. In that way – we will lay the foundation for a safer and more efficient construction industry together!

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