BuildSafe and Skanska’s Digital Journey

This is a translation of an article originally published by Swedish Construction Newspaper Byggindustrin.

Skanska invest heavily in digitalisation and will now implement the mobile HSE-tool BuildSafe in all projects in Sweden. The partnership between the two companies will further improve Skanska’s health and safety processes by making them more inclusive, efficient and transparent.

Skanska and BuildSafe strengthen their partnership further. The two companies began collaborating three years ago in connection to a research study conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology in 2015.

Now they are taking their collaboration to the next level. From now on, Skanska will gradually start using BuildSafe’s software in all their projects.

– Our construction projects and the people connected to them need world-class digital and mobile tools, and for the digital journey we are in the middle of, we also need partners at the forefront – BuildSafe is one of them, says Anders Rehnström, COO Skanska Sweden.

The partnership consequently means that Skanska’s previous digital solution for health and safety management will be phased out completely.

– Our previous digital tool is a Sharepoint solution – it is developed in-house and has reached its limits. We need this type of tool that is designed specifically for the construction industry, says Lotta Wibeck, Change Manager at Skanska Sweden.

The partnership with BuildSafe is part of a major digitalisation initiative within Skanska Sweden.

– Digitalisation will be integrated in all areas and levels in the company and also out in our projects, says Lotta Wibeck.

In all Skanska worker’s phones

Through the partnership with BuildSafe, all Skanska workers’ mobile phones can be provided with the digital reporting tool.

– It’s about freeing up time, reducing unnecessary movements and creating safer and more efficient processes. Therefore, it’s crucial that the tool works for all type of users and that it’s easy to use and get started with, Lotta Wibeck continues.

In order for it to work in practice it is important that everyone can get the help they need right away, says Lotta Wibeck.

– We put a lot of time and effort in to user experience so that information is able to flow smoothly on and between sites. If a user has a problem, there should always be someone to turn to. We always answer all incoming questions in under one minute and are proud to have the industry’s fastest customer support, says Viktor Broberg, CEO of BuildSafe.

Implementation is key in digitalisation

Lotta Wibeck emphasizes the importance of great support and implementation when getting started with new digital tools.

– It has to be easy to get started right away. BuildSafe has both a high-quality support and a great methodology for implementation. When implementing something new – it’s important to work with people that are very responsive and can meet people’s needs. We are not only buying a solution here, but also a service, says Lotta Wibeck.

Viktor Broberg agrees and is convinced that BuildSafe is equipped to take on the task with a maintained level of quality and service.

– Implementation and planning for growth is something we bring from our experience both before and after starting BuildSafe. In order to deliver on high ambitions, clear priorities and goals are required from both parties. In this case, Skanska has a fantastic organization, including digital coaches that support projects around the country, says Viktor Broberg.

Partnerships improve

Both Viktor and Lotta believe in the idea of working with partnerships.

– Thanks to all our different partners, some global and big, others small, newly started and niched, we can only get better – together. We need to find simple ways to transfer knowledge from our experienced employees to the ones newly employed, so that they all have the same access to useful information, says Lotta Wibeck.

Skanska and BuildSafe’s partnership means that the service will be rolled out on all of Skanska’s workplaces in Sweden during 2018. After last year, BuildSafe’s solution was already used by approximately 800 Skanska employees and 600 subcontractors.

The goal is that the number of users will increase rapidly during the year and that at least 400-500 Skanska projects will use BuildSafe before 2018 ends. This means that just over a hundred new projects will be on-boarded each quarter.

– One of our strengths is that we have a vast variety of different projects, both in terms of size and digital maturity. This means that we can introduce BuildSafe to new projects as they start as well as upon the requests and needs of ongoing projects. We do not have to implement in the whole company all at once – its rolling out itself step by step, Lotta Wibeck concludes.

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