The 2016 Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship is awarded to Buildsafe

The winner of the 2016 Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship is BuildSafe. A stipend of SEK 225,000 is awarded to one of the last three years’ Stockholm Innovation Scholarship winners who managed to further develop and expand upon their innovation.

okt 4, by Stockholms stad

BuildSafe, which won the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship in 2015, is a cloud-based service designed to improve the health and safety of those working in the construction industry. The mobile application and web platform helps both construction companies and property developers to increase worker safety and reduce on-the-job accidents. The jury’s statement regarding its decision reads:

”The recipient of the 2016 Acceleration Scholarship has achieved commercial success in a very short period of time, both in Sweden and in the United Kingdom. By employing a skilled team with relevant background in the industry, the company has managed to obtain contracts with major construction firms. BuildSafe, whose vision is to create a global industry standard for workplace safety, is poised to provide a major and important service through its innovation, which enhances safety and reduces accidents in the construction industry.”

Read the whole press release here. 

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