Towards the Safest Decade Ever in Construction!

2019 marked the turning point for when digitalisation really took off in the construction industry. Efficiency and involvement were at the top of the agenda for construction and real estate companies, while the degree of maturity for digital solutions finally started to reach industry expectations. When these two curves meet, the magic begins to happen. We have summarised the past year and take a look at what is in store for us during 2020.

These are challenging times in the construction industry. The market demands higher volumes, is more complex than ever before and requires shorter production times at lower costs. Further, 89% of the construction companies in Forbes’s latest report state that they lack sufficient qualified staff to meet the increased market demands, which is further driven by the retirement of the baby-boomer generation during the coming years.

Need for Smarter Use of Resources Paves the Way for Digital

The market situation places extra high demand on the construction industry to optimise the use of existing resources and increase productivity – an area where we all know that there is great potential for improvement. This has increased the demand for smart digital solutions that streamline the entire value chain and eliminate time spent on non-value-creating activities.

JLL’s report “State of Construction Technology 2019” points out that the technologies that will have the greatest impact on the industry in the near future are digital collaboration platforms, drones and modular construction. At the same time, the Forbes report points out that the biggest concern for construction companies is ”to ensure a safe workplace”.

Our Vision: Safe and Efficient Construction Projects

BuildSafe’s product vision is more relevant than ever before. We work hard to provide the market’s best digital platform where the entire project organisation effectively can report, resolve and analyse risks and disturbances on site. Our purpose is to create safe and efficient construction projects which are completed on time, within budget and without accidents.

Focus 2019 – Increased Involvement and Better Data  

During the past year, we have released two major product updates: Insights and Inductions. Insights is our analytics tool where we aggregate and visualise all data generated in the projects in useful metrics that can be broken down at project-, regional- and company level. Insights makes it possible to analyse risk levels and response times, evaluate suppliers based on their performance and track process compliance. It is a crucial step from the reactive metrics that have long dominated the industry (e.g., amount of accidents and incidents) to a proactive approach that lays the foundation for systematically eliminating risks and disturbances before they affect production.

Our module for Inductions is another step in involving the entire value chain on the same platform. The module enables everyone on site to register all their information in advance via a link and to access the documents required to work on site. This provides a clear overview of all project members and ensures that everyone knows how to work safely when they get there.

Focus 2020 – Increased Flexibility

In 2020, we will focus on creating an even more seamless experience for the entire project organisation in the management of risks and disruptions on site. With the aim of including the entire workplace, we have started to create mobile views tailored to user roles as well as making the product available in the most common languages on your construction sites. Everyone should be able to contribute to a safer workplace!

In 2019, we launched new product areas – in 2020, we will deep dive into all of our existing workflows. New functionality will include more flexible inspections, supplementing project follow-up with internal investigations and further development of Insights and Inductions. As usual, you are welcome to contact us if you want to share your opinions!

Customer Success – the Crucial Piece of the Puzzle

New technology is great, but things that are not used do not create value. The construction companies that participated in Forbes report state that the most common reason for failed technology investments is that ”the tools were not used”. That’s why it has been crucial for us from the start to supplement our value proposition with a customer success team that helps our customers get the most out of BuildSafe.

We always set clear goals together with our customers and look at different health metrics to ensure that the projects are performing as intended. By measuring the activity in all BuildSafe projects and combining proactive and reactive support, we ensure that the tool achieves its full potential on site.

We are happy to announce that two new stars will be joining our Customer Success team in 2020. A warm welcome to Eric and Isak – we are convinced that you will create a lot of value for our customers.
We look forward to the safest and most efficient decade ever for the construction industry. Big thanks to all customers, suppliers and partners who are a part of this journey!

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